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Jake Savona - aka Mista Savona

is Australia's leading reggae and dancehall producer, known for his high quality production and world class releases. His distinct yet seamless meshing of genres such as hip-hop, roots reggae, dubstep, electronic and world music styles have earned him a reputation overseas as one of the country's pioneering artists in the genre. Mista Savona records and tours regularly with some of Australia's leading singers and mc's, as well as collaborating with a host of international artists from Jamaica, Europe, the Pacific and beyond.

Jake Savona - Mista Savona
Upcoming Gigs

Upcoming Gigs

2012/13 is looking extremely busy for Mista Savona, with various international tours, exciting new releases and some big shows planned locally.

The Band


Jamaica. Australia. From deep roots reggae to blazing dancehall and futuristic beats, Savona creates a distinct and unique sound...
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The Soundsystem


Savona Records is all about the power of inspired collaboration, and the wide range of world class artists featured across
an extensive catalogue is testament to this.
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